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The Importance of China and Asia to your Portfolio - At a recent client event Mr. Christian Halvorsen of Matthews Asia discussed the importance of China and Asia to your portfolio and the global economy as a whole.
Investment Insights Radio Show - November 18, 2016 - Pete Brey discusses the election and its impact on the global financial markets.
September Quarterly Investment Newsletter - Politics Dominates the Investment Conversation
Strategic Investment Tools Update - December 2, 2016 - No major changes to our market indicators this week.

Buena Vista Investment Management is a fee only, SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm providing “Creative Investment Solutions” for individuals and companies since 1998. 

We are located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, far removed from the canyons of “Wall Street”.  We believe our location gives us an advantage as we bring our small town values and Midwestern sensibilities to the development of our investment management processes.  We are a “boutique” firm catering to individuals and small businesses.

Our goal at Buena Vista Investment Management LLC is to establish a long-term mutually profitable financial relationship with our clients, to help them understand the global financial markets and insure their financial well-being in the years ahead.


Managing Partners - John L. Moffat, Joel E. Sullivan, Peter W. Brey

“The essence of investment management is management of risks,
not the management of returns” - Benjamin Graham


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