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Investing in Asia - The Importance of China and Asia to your portfolio and the Global Economy.
Protectionism - A Potentail Peril for the US Economy - An article on the perils of protectionism which was written by Zane Brown a Fixed Income Strategist with Lord Abbett.
Fourth Quarter 2015 - Investment Update
Is Your China Glass Half Empty or Full? January 2015 - An excellent look at China's economic prospects from Andy Rothman of Matthews International Funds
Investing in the Future of Asia - December 2014 - An in-depth look at the investment environment in Asia provided by the Matthews International Capital Management.
December 2014 - Investment Update
Thinking Long-Term in a Sort-Term World August 2014 - On August 11, 2014 John Moffat made a presentation to the Wisconsin Rapids Rotary Club. John presented historic data on US economic growth and unemployment rates. He also discussed demographic and economic trends impacting the global economy. Finally, he discussed interest rates and the potential for higher rates in the future. All of this information was provided based on a longer-term investment perspective, which may be helpful to 401K investors
Seeking A Haven From Fed Rate Hikes July 2014 - Lord Abbett mutual fund group looks at which fixed income maturities have held up best when the Fed has hiked interest rates?
Investing For Retirement April 2014 - John Moffat’s presentation to the Sunrise Rotary club deals with some of the investment issues facing investors planning for retirement. John reviewed some very positive current economic trends and discussed important concepts for individual investors. The presentation located on the Buena Vista website is an expanded version of the original presentation.
Guide To Retirement 2014 Edition - We are pleased to include the 2014 edition of JP Morgan's Guide To Retirement on our website. The presentation includes a tremendous amount of good information and helpful facts that may be useful to you as your plan for retirement.
Stock Market Rally by Joel Sullivan, Partner March 2012 - A look at the recent stock market rally.
International Investments and Your Portfolio by John Moffat, Partner February 2012 - A look at how increasing your allocation to international investments may be beneficial to your long-term portfolio returns.
US Companies More Optimistic About Economic Recovery by Joel Sullivan, Partner February 2012 - A look at how corporate America is spending more on plant and equipment and moving jobs back to the United States.
Stock Market Posts Best January Since 1997 by Joel Sullivan, Partner February 2012 - US equities started 2012 with a bang, posting the best gain since 1997. We discuss if this trend can continue during the balance of 2012.
Municipal Bonds Provide Attractive Tax Free Income by Joel Sullivan, Partner January 2012 - A look at tax free bonds and how they might improve your after tax portfolio returns.
What To Do Now by Peter Brey, Partner January 2012 - A discussion on portfolio management
2011 Stock Market Review by Joel Sullivan, Partner January 2012 - We take a look at the all of the volatility that occurred in the US equity market during 2011 and comment on what lessons investors should take away from all of the ups and downs in 2011.
Economic Data Is Improving - Can the US Market Rebound in 2012 by John Moffat, Partner January 2012 - We look at trend of important economic data to determine if these trends will translate to higher stock prices in 2012.

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