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September 2016 - Politics Dominates the Investment Conversation - A look at how and why politics may impact your investments.
June 2016 - Market Volatility Dominates Investment Markets - A look at building portfolios to cope with volatility by investing in income producing securities. .
March 2016 - The Bull Market That Keeps Going and Going - An in-depth look at the current bull market that is one of the oldest on record.
December 2015 - The Fed, China, Commodities and Global Growth - Will 2015 mark a change in direction for interest rates, oil and China?
September 2015 - Recent Market Uncertainty Creating Investment Opportunities - A look at some of the reason why the stock market posted its worst quarterly return in 4 years.
March 2015 - Moving To A More Defensive Position - In this issue we look the current state of the US equity markets and explain why we think a more defensive posture is warranted at this time. While we still remain “bullish” on the US economy it is our position that taking a more defensive approach will pay dividends in the future.
December 2014 - The Price of Oil and Interest Rates to Drive Markets in 2015. With falling oil prices and the potential for higher interest rates equity market volatility could be an issue for investors in 2015.
September 2014 - HOW HEALTHY IS THIS AGING BULL MARKET? In this issue we look at equity market valuations and discuss why a market correction may be needed to extend the life of this bull market.
June 2014 - DOES THIS BULL MARKET STILL HAVE LEGS? - A look at some of the bearish arguments currently being discussed in the media and how we look at the same data to draw our bullish conclusion.
March 2014 - THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME - The US economy is improving, stocks remain fairly valued and our market indicators remain positive! In this issue of “Views from the Heartland” we discuss the current market environment for investors. With four healthy corrections in 2013 and so far in 2014 what are investors to make of all this volatility? We look at some recent economic numbers and the trend in the employment numbers.
December 2013 - AFTER A STRONG 2013 FOR THE S&P 500, WE SEE BETTER OPPORTUNITIES OVERSEAS - In this issue we discuss why we believe that investing in international investments will enhance portfolio returns in 2014.
September 2013 - SHOULD INVESTORS BE CONCERNED WITH POLITICAL SHOWDOWN - In this issue we discuss how the Federal Reserve Bank's Quantitative Easing Program will help the stock market weather the uncertain political situation. We also discuss why the debt limit will be raised and the government opened before we reach a crisis stage.
June 2013 - THE RENAISSANCE OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURING - In this issue of "Views From The Heartland" we discuss the resurgence in manufacturing that is taking place here in the United States. We take a look at the implications of the "factory of the future" and how it will affect education, job creation and the global competitiveness of the U.S.
March 2013 - MARKETS STILL CLIMBING AFTER FOUR YEARS - In this issue of "Views from the Heartland" we discuss the current four year old "bull" market. Can this market move higher or are we nearing the end of this four year run? With our market indicators continuing to point to higher prices and the Federal Reserve Bank keeping interest rates artificially low, we discuss the prospects for higher equity prices.
December 2012 - ALL WE NEED ARE RULES - In this issue we discuss some very exciting things that are happening in the United States economy. If you look past the current political discourse you find that there are a number of economic reasons to be bullish on 2013.
September 2012 - PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS AND YOUR INVESTMENTS - A look at how the upcoming Presidential election may or may not impact your investment portfolio.
June 2012 - GLOBAL UNCERTAINTY CAUSES MARKET DECLINE IN 2ND QUARTER - A discussion on how a slowdown in China, the fallout from Europe and the impending fiscal cliff might impact investment portfolios over the next year.
March 2012 - STOCK MARKET OFF TO A GREAT START IN 2012 - We look at the potential for additional stock market gains in 2012.
December 2011 - ECONOMIC DATA IS IMPROVING - A reivew of US economic activity and why we think improving numbers will lead to higher stock prices in 2012.
September 2011 - A LOSS OF CONFIDENCE OR AN IMPENDING CRISIS? - In this issue we discuss the markets recent decline.
June 2011 - POLITICS AND YOUR INVESTMENTS - In this issue we discuss how the markets were moved by global polital events.
March 2011 - STOCK MARKET BOUNCES BACK AFTER CORRECTION - In this issue we discuss how the stock market remains stong in spite of global unrest and earthquakes.
December 2010 - STOCK MARKET ENDS 2010 ON A HIGH NOTE - We discuss the past year and present our views on where the equity markets are headed in 2011.
September 2010 - EXTREME VALUATIONS PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY - A review of the historic interrelationship of stocks & bonds and how we have the potential for above average investment potential.
June 2010 - INVESTMENT STRATEGY UPDATE - Two of our stock market inidcators issue a Sell signal.
March 2010 - CORPORATE AMERICA IS ALIVE AND WELL - We are maintaining our bullish stance as 1st quarter corporate earnings are forecasted to be strong.
December 2009 - ECONOMY WILL CONTINUE TO IMPROVE IN 2010 - We are maintaining our bullish 0utlook for the economy and the equity markets.
September 2009 - BULL MARKET CLIMBS A WALL OF WORRY - A review of why we remain fully invested and maintain a bullish outlook.
June 2009 - GLOBAL EQUITY MARKETS RECOVER - Our view that the equity markets are poised to move higher.
March 2009 - CONFIDENCE AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY WILL RECOVER - The seeds of an economic recovery are now in place.
September 2008 - FINANCIAL MARKETS IN TURMOIL - 35-45% in Money Market Investments Provide Protection and Opportunity.
June 2008 - REVIEWING OUR CURRENT MARKET INVESTMENT STRATEGY - The Buena Vista stock market indicators are mixed.
June 2008 - SPECIAL REPORT - Buena Vista's comments on the rising price of oil.
March 2008 - DEFENSIVE MOVES IN 2007 LEAD TO OUTPERFORMANCE IN 2008 - A Review of Buena Vista's first quarter performance and an update on our investment strategy.

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