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December 2013 - AFTER A STRONG 2013 FOR THE S&P 500, WE SEE BETTER OPPORTUNITIES OVERSEAS - In this issue we discuss why we believe that investing in international investments will enhance portfolio returns in 2014.
September 2013 - SHOULD INVESTORS BE CONCERNED WITH POLITICAL SHOWDOWN - In this issue we discuss how the Federal Reserve Bank's Quantitative Easing Program will help the stock market weather the uncertain political situation. We also discuss why the debt limit will be raised and the government opened before we reach a crisis stage.
June 2013 - THE RENAISSANCE OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURING - In this issue of "Views From The Heartland" we discuss the resurgence in manufacturing that is taking place here in the United States. We take a look at the implications of the "factory of the future" and how it will affect education, job creation and the global competitiveness of the U.S.
March 2013 - MARKETS STILL CLIMBING AFTER FOUR YEARS - In this issue of "Views from the Heartland" we discuss the current four year old "bull" market. Can this market move higher or are we nearing the end of this four year run? With our market indicators continuing to point to higher prices and the Federal Reserve Bank keeping interest rates artificially low, we discuss the prospects for higher equity prices.



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