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The Buena Vista Investment Management Custom Investment Services Program provides a unique blend of personal service and dynamic portfolio construction. Portfolios are designed to fit your individual needs and preferences. We begin this process by simply listening to you… because an investment portfolio is only truly successful when it meets your personal goals and objectives.

Our Custom Investment Services Program combines individual equity and fixed income investments, as well as some of the best mutual funds available. Portfolios are developed by balancing both short- and long-term considerations

The construction of a custom portfolio begins with a foundation of highly diversified mutual funds investments, as utilized in our Diversified Mutual Fund Program. In addition to diversification, this component of the portfolio provides us with specific expertise in specialized areas, such as international.  We then blend those investments with individual stocks and/or fixed income securities.  The allocation of these investments and the actual securities selected are based on your personal risk and return requirements

Equity Investments – A core group of approximately 30 equity securities are selected by the Buena Vista’s investment professional based on our own internal research.  In addition to our internally generated research we have partnered with highly respected research firms including The Leuthold Group, Argus Company, Standard & Poor’s, Reuters, Briefing.com and StockCharts.com  After completing our research our stock selections will fall into four specific categories which we define as; “Portfolio Drivers”, “Quality Growth”, “Income Generators” and “Story Stocks”.  Equity securities are then selected for use in “your” portfolio depending on your specific requirements.

Fixed-Income Investments – In situations where there is a need for income production and/or an investment allocation away from common stocks, we will use individual fixed income securities. Our bond strategies include “laddered” or “barbell” approaches to diversifying maturities.

Mutual Funds - As a boutique management firm, Buena Vista Investment Management has surrounded itself with respected investment names having global resources. These firms have expertise in specific investment areas, such as international or small and mid cap investments.

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