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The Buena Vista Investment Management Diversified Mutual Fund Program is an affordable mutual fund investment service for which we have designed four unique portfolio strategies.  Each strategy has been designed based on the belief that protection of principal and quality investment returns will be achieved through diversification and creative asset allocation strategies.  The goal of this program is to provide equity returns without the volatility associated with individual stocks. 

We apply our proprietary selection criteria, to a universe of over 3,500 no load mutual fund investments.  We then select 20 to 30 “best of class” mutual funds maintaining specific risk and reward characteristics. These mutual fund investments are blended together in a series of portfolio strategies. These strategies are designed to recognize the differences in the amount of risk (portfolio volatility) each client is willing to assume.

Portfolio Options: Income & Growth, Conservative Equity, Total Return & Absolute Return

Each portfolio strategy then utilizes Buena Vista’s creative asset allocation strategies. We design these portfolios using large-, mid- and small-capitalization investments and also international investments. What is unique about our portfolio strategies is that we focus on mid-capitalization investments – an area we believe is overlooked by most in the investment community. We also use concepts we have developed such as “Portfolio Drivers” and “Managers Choice” to enhanced investments returns in some of our strategies.

The Diversified Mutual Fund Program is an easy to understand investment approach which brings together a number of important benefits such as:

  • Professional Management
  • Creative Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Disciplined Analysis
  • Diversification
  • Consistent Returns
On-Going Review and Monitoring

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