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The Buena Vista Investment Management investment philosophy is based on diversification and asset allocation. It is our opinion that periodic reallocation between equities and risk free investments can add to long-term portfolio returns.

The four indicators detailed below are strategic tools used by Buena Vista Investment Management to determine portfolio exposure to the equity markets and no risk investment alternatives. 

Buena Vista Conservative Buy/Sell Discipline - This indicator was developed by Buena Vista Investment Management in 2002. It uses a longer-term moving average (technical indicator) to create buy and sell signals. The indicator is a lagging indicator. This means that a “buy” or “sell” signal will be created after the markets general direction has changed. As such, it is built to capture a majority of a market move. The indicator has been back tested using market data going back to 1971.

Leuthold Major Trend Index - The Major Trend Index is a quantitative indicator which has been used by the Leuthold Group (Minneapolis, Minnesota) to recognize major market trends since 1960. It combines over 180 individual components to determine the overall health of the stock market. The individual components are categorized as Intrinsic Value, Economic/Interest Rates/Inflation, Attitudinal, Supply/Demand and Momentum/Breath/Divergence.  This is a leading market indicator, meaning it will normally call a top or bottom in market activity before the actual occurrence.

The Coppock Guide - E.S. Coppock designed this indicator around 1962 when the indicator was first published in Barron’s magazine to identify significant lows in the stock market. The Coppock Guide is very good at discriminating between “bear” market rallies and true bottoms in the stock market. It has identified every major market move in the last 80 years and has had only three false “buy” signals in its history. The indicator is a lagging indicator.  The Coppock Guide will only be used to help determine market bottoms and not market tops.

Negative Leadership Composite - This indicator was developed by InvesTech Research of Whitefish Bay, Montana.  The indicator is made up of two components, both which monitor selling pressure in the equity markets.  The first component is focused on the “buy” side.  It monitors when selling pressure or downside leadership begins to dry up and new “bull” markets begin.  On the “sell” side, this component measures “distribution” or the rate of acceleration in downside leadership. The indicator is a lagging indicator which is focused on identifying major market moves, either up or down. This indicator was added in 2010.


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