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Philosophy - Buena Vista Investment Management's approach to investment management revolves around three long-term concepts. Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that in order to be successful investors, you must begin with a “big picture” view of the financial markets. Once that long-term view is in place, an understanding of short-term market cycles is necessary to generate quality investment performance.

Our investment philosophy revolves around three distinct themes. First, is the belief that the global economy will continue to grow and prosper. The global marketplace has been and will continue to be one of the driving forces behind increasing corporate profitability and rising stock prices. The drive toward capitalism will continue around the world for the foreseeable future. A growing global economy will allow for goods and services to be sold to an increasing number of consumers. Second, technology will create new industries and continue to improve profitability of existing corporations. Technology will create new winners or enhance the value of existing corporations that can adapt and change to new technologies. This environment will favor small capitalization companies as well as large capitalization companies that are nimble enough to adapt to changes in technology. Lastly, demographics will continue to be one of the major driving forces behind the growing U.S. economy. The "baby boom" generation will continue to save for retirement and college education for their children. This savings will translate into continued demand for equity investments.

To recap, we believe that the world's stock market will continue to move higher over the long term, due to a growing global economy, changing technology and positive demographic influences. Short-term global events will always influence the financial markets. These events will change market valuations but will not change the long-term trends that are currently in place.

Approach - We believe generating quality investment performance is like a marathon and not a 100-yard dash. A truly successful investment portfolio will be judged over a period of years and not quarters. We consider ourselves intermediate-term managers. This means we approach stock selection with a two-year time horizon. We understand the short-term nature of our current financial markets. We attempt to filter out all of the daily "noise" made by the markets and focus on fundamentals.  This intermediate-term approach gives us a greater opportunity to find and analyze a broad range of investment opportunities. The financial markets are so efficient that it is difficult to find unrecognized short-term opportunities. This is not true when it comes to finding unique opportunities with above-average two-year return potential.

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