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The Buena Vista Investment Management Diversified Mutual Fund Program is a unique approach to portfolio management.  The program recognizes the basic need to differentiate investments within its portfolios based on volatility and risk tolerance. 

Our five no-load or load-waived mutual fund portfolios are designed based on a proprietary selection process which focuses on risk adjusted returns, fund volatility, and above average return requirements.

Income Portfolio – Primary portfolio objective is to produce income.  Portfolio will contain a wide variety of fixed income investments to include, fixed income mutual funds, individual fixed income securities and specialty mutual funds. The portfolio may contain a percentage of its assets in dividend paying stocks.  The goal of this portfolio is to generate a monthly income stream for its investors.  This portfolio will maintain a short to intermediate term average maturity based on Buena Vista’s current investment outlook.

Income & Growth Portfolio – The primary portfolio objective is to balance the need for income and growth. Income production will be derived from fixed income mutual funds, including specialty investments.  This portfolio will contain equity mutual funds that are considered conservative or less volatile than the average mutual fund.  Equity investments will fluctuate between 40% and 60% of total portfolio investments depending on market conditions.

Conservative Equity Portfolio – The primary portfolio objective is to produce investment returns equal to or in excess of the Wilshire 5000 but with less volatility.  Equity investments contained in this portfolio will be selected based on a number of criteria, but volatility and diversification are given major consideration in the selection process. Portfolios may not contain specialty investments without prior client approval.  This portfolio will normally be invested in equity mutual funds, with an overall equity allocation of between 90% and 100% of total portfolio assets.

Total Return Portfolio – The primary portfolio objective is to produce investment returns in excess of S&P 500 stock index.  The portfolio will normally be invested 100% in equity mutual funds, with investments being made in both aggressive and conservative mutual funds.  Given the types of equity funds being used in this portfolio, the portfolio will in most cases use at least eight mutual funds to achieve an adequate level of diversification.  The portfolio may at times invest in fixed income investments, if market conditions warrant.  Portfolios may include specialty investments.


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