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Buena Vista Investment Management is a financial advisory firm that uses Creative Investment Solutions to develop customized investment portfolios, which grow and preserve our client’s wealth.


To work closely with our clients to understand their personal goals and objectives and in turn, develop portfolio strategies that fit each of our client’s unique risk and reward parameters. 
As fee only advisors our only loyalty is to our clients.


We believe that there are two key components to a quality financial relationship - trust and performance. Our primary focus is to generate consistent quality investment performance, while at the same time creating an environment of trust and professionalism.


It is our responsibility to build a unique personal relationship with our clients, as only a firm our size can do.


As a "boutique" investment management firm, we have the opportunity to build a quality financial relationship with our clients and their families. In order to achieve our goal of building unique personal relationships we begin with a strict client/manager ratio. This strict client/manager ratio insures that each and every client is important to us.

Trust in a financial relationship begins with communication. We start with regularly scheduled face to face meetings; with meeting frequency and timing at our client’s discretion. We provide a quarterly newsletter, which is written by our own investment professionals and details our investment strategies and market commentary. There are on-going “investor updates” via e-mail and our investment professionals are always available for questions.

Our seasoned investment professionals bring years of experience in both up and down markets. We firmly believe that quality investment performance begins with disciplined portfolio construction. Buena Vista has developed a number of unique portfolio strategies, such as our hedged and conservative equity portfolios. Our Conservative Buy-Sell Discipline, Absolute Return Program, and use of particular tactical managers have been developed to respond to ever increasingly volatile financial markets.

Our Services:

Our Diversified Mutual Fund Program has been designed based on the belief that protection of principal and quality investment returns will be achieved through diversification and creative asset allocation strategies. Diversification begins with a multiple managers strategy and our asset allocation processes which recognize the difference between a conservative and aggressive investor. We follow a disciplined selection process revolving around 17 proprietary selection criteria.

Our Custom Investment Services Program brings together some of the best mutual funds available, as well as the ability to invest in individual equity and fixed income securities. Portfolios are developed by balancing both short and long term considerations. The ever increasing volatility of the world’s equity markets has caused us to shorten our time horizons for individual equity securities. But our belief in demographic trends lets us focus our fixed income strategies on the intermediate and long term.


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