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Investment Advisory & 401K Review,
Financial Planning Fee Schedules

Investment Advisory
Buena Vista Investment Management’s main focus is its investment advisory business.  We are a fee based investment advisory firm.  We are not stockbrokers and do not receive any compensation for initiating security transactions for our investment clients.  We believe that our only loyalty should be to our clients, and as such, we receive absolutely no compensation from outside sources (12b-1 fees) in exchange for utilizing specific investment products.  Our only compensation is the fees charged directly to our client accounts.

Our fees for investment management services are charged on a quarterly basis, at the beginning of each calendar quarter. 

The following are annual Fee Schedules:


Base Fee of $240 plus
1% of Value of Account up to $1,000,000 plus
.8 of 1% of next $500,000 plus
.4 of 1% on value of Account in excess of $1,500,000


Base Fee of $240 plus
.8 of 1% of Value of Account up to $1,000,000 plus
.6 of 1% on next $500,000 plus
.3 of 1% on value of Account in excess of $1,500,000

A minimum fee of $1,500 applies to both the Custom Investment & Diversified Mutual Fund Programs

401K Review Services & Financial Planning
Buena Vista Investment Management provides 401(k) review services and limited financial planning options.  On a semiannual basis we will review the available investment options in your 401(k) plan and make recommendations on the asset allocation for your 401(k) account. We will also provide general financial planning advice during those meetings.  The annual fee for the 401K Review Services is $450.


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