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We believe that good communication is an important component to establishing and maintaining a quality financial relationship.  At Buena Vista Investment Management communications comes in many different forms that can be tailored to fit your preferences.

ONLINE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNTS – Daily on-line access to all of your account information is provided by our custodian, Charles Schwab & Company.  Information is provided in real time 24/7.

ACCOUNT STATEMENTS – You will receive quarterly reports from Buena Vista Investment Management.  Our reports detail portfolio holdings, including cost basis, year-to-date and annualized performance data, fixed income reports and detailed tax reports.  As a client of Buena Vista you will also receive monthly statements from Schwab.

QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS – Clients of Buena Vista receive a quarterly newsletter written by our investment personnel. Our newsletters detail investment strategy and keep you abreast of major market developments.

PERIODIC E-MAIL UPDATES – Our investment professionals will communicate their thoughts on current market conditions.  They will also provide interim updates on strategy and portfolio development.

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